The Hawaiian Waffledog CompanyThe Crispy Waffledog with Ridges...

About The Hawaiian Waffledog Company

Welcome to the Hawaiian Waffledog Company. We bring you the crispiest tastiest waffledog covered in crispy ridges. Every bite mixes the finest ingredients with a crispy crunch to provide the best waffledog available.

We always feature our signature Hawaiian Waffledog. The original is a slightly smoky wiener  covered with a lightly sweetened crispy batter that taste delicious.  Every batch is made from scrach, with more than 10 ingredients. Come taste the difference.

We will soon be adding more flavors to our exceptional line of waffledog favorites.
Count on the Hawaiian Waffledog Company when taste and texture really counts.

Remember, exceptional taste is our standard.

Hawaiian Waffledog Company The crispy waffledog with ridges



Waffledogs made from scratch – only the best for you!


Impressions of our Waffledog

Call us now and we’ll save a waffledog for you: 808 – 271- 2182